Next Week: The Rite of Acceptance

Sorry about the lack of updates recently. I've been tired. The RCIA course is progressing well. Nothing has been remarkable though.

Next week, however, is a different story altogether. Next week is the Rite of Acceptance. It's a major step towards full conversion to Roman Catholicism this Easter. According to TeamRCIA.com, the Rite of Acceptance is "[the] first public rite for those becoming Catholic; marks transition from inquiry period to catechumenate period."

I am both nervous and anxious and not really fond of being in the spotlight. However,
from what I've been told, Fr. Terry and my sponsor, Randy, will lead the RCIA students through it. They gave us a brief overview today. Knowing that they'll be leading me has helped allay the nervousness somewhat.

I hope they make photos available. If they allow it, I'll post them.