First RCIA Class!

Well, I attended my first RCIA class at Our Lady of Sorrows. This first class was essentially about getting to know each other and a very basic overview of the course. People asked questions and the instructors (called "facilitators") and Fr. Terry answered them.

There are about 10 people in this year's class. They handed out a book written by Michael Pennock called This Is Our Faith: A Catholic Catechism for Adults. Next week, according to the schedule, they'll be issuing bibles.

One question I had dealt with the difference between the Latin Mass and the so-called "Novus Ordo" Mass. Specifically, the fact that in the Latin Mass, the celebrant doesn't face the parishioners, while in the newer Mass he does. Well, Fr. Terry brought up a point I'm ashamed to say I hadn't thought of: during the last supper, Jesus faced His apostles.



This post has been a long time coming.

Shemariah is a Canadian woman who's basically hand-holding me via email during my first steps into the Catholic faith. We "met" at the Catholic Answers message board. She was even so good as to send me an RSV bible, which has gotten good use. To send a treasured possession like that to a near total stranger takes a lot of faith!

In Matthew and Luke (I feel the Matthew retelling is superior,) there is an event where a Roman centurion comes to Jesus in complete humility seeking help for his treasured servant, who's almost like a son to him. He's dying and in great pain.

In the 1977 miniseries Jesus of Nazareth (the only filmed version of this passage that I've seen,) Jesus (Robert Powell) offers to go to the centurion's
(Ernest Borgnine) home. However, the centurion stops him: "Lord, I am not good enough for You to come to my house," and tells Jesus that although he is under authority, he has authority over a hundred men. If he tells one to "go there!" he will go there; if he says to another, "do this!" he will do it. The centurion says he need not personally see it done to know it has been done; knowing is sufficient. Likewise, if Jesus gives the word, the centurion says it will be enough.

Jesus marvels at the Roman, Pagan, Gentile centurion's humility and exalts him, stating that He has seldom seen this level of faith among the people of Israel. He then tells the centurion his faith has healed his servant, and this is the case.
Many of the Jews witnessing this are clearly upset. Jesus rebukes them, saying that all are welcome at His Father's table — children of Abraham and children of Pagans alike. (Later, when a soldier brusquely attempts to bar Mary from going to see her crucified Son, that grateful, humble Roman centurion sternly rebukes him and kindly helps Mary go to Him and also allows Mary Magdalene to go with her.)

Strangely, I hadn't heard about this event before I rented the DVD from Netflix. I'd seen bits and pieces of it when it was first aired on television, but never the entire six-and-a-half-hour film. I initially thought this particular scene had been invented specifically for the film. Not so.

This was actually the first passage I checked in my new prized possession. I immediately got the message: be humble.

Thank you, Beans!


Praise God I've found a home!

I was contemplating whether or not to go to Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows this Sunday due to the fact that I had work a full shift in the evening. However, I felt that since I'd only have to do it just this one time, I went. It was so nice! Fr. Terry Meehan is the priest. The Mass was nice, the people were nice, and the atmosphere was really nice.

However, I have to say the church building looks a lot bigger on the outside. The orientation of the main room was sideways to accommodate the large turnout; they also had a smaller room where twenty-five or so parishioners watched the Mass on television. They mentioned either building a new church or expanding the current one. Which ever course they choose, it's needed.

The RCIA course begins next Sunday morning at 9:00. I can't wait.


Found a church offering RCIA


It's called Our Lady of Sorrows in Monroe, Ohio. The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults course begins on September 28, 2008 and ends only 15 minutes before Mass.

I was also able to switch days with another driver named Jerry. I'll have Sundays off beginning that day and am picking up Tuesdays. He was wanting to get a weekday off, so this works for both of us.

Here's a photo of Our Lady of Sorrows:


I have to keep looking for a parish

Well, I attended the Mass at St. Peter's this past Sunday morning. I not terribly impressed with the Novus Ordo Mass. It also turns out that they won't be holding an RCIA class this year.

However, a parish called Our Lady of the Rosary in Dayton, which is
aligned with the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, offers the Latin Mass. It's only 30-odd miles from my home and they offer noontime weekday Masses. I've sent off a registration form and hopefully their priest, Fr. Mark, will contact me soon.