Getting Over the Flu

Well, apparently I contracted whatever virus a couple of other drivers had.

On a few hours of sleep and loaded up on meds, I (somewhat) boldly went to today's RCIA class and Mass. I can't blame it all on the flu; I had to watch the end of game two of the American League Championship Series between the
Boston Red Sox at the Tampa Bay Rays, which ended at about 1:30 a.m. The Rays won 9-8 on B.J. Upton's sacrifice fly to score Fernando Perez.

Back to the RCIA class...

Today's lesson was the Parable of the Wedding Feast from Matthew 22. It's a typical Jesus parable, and I agree with the
interpretation of the Boston Christian Bible Study Resource website, which states: Jesus was speaking of people's response to the gospel. They chose to work rather than accept God's free gift. There are those who are not particularly hostile, but simply distracted by worldly things to pay attention. Then there are those who are outwardly hostile to it. The illustration of people actually killing those who simply invite them to a wedding is truly outrageous, but nonetheless an accurate description of the persecution of the ministers of the gospel. Thus Jesus reminds such people, that they are not going to get away with such behavior. God is not Santa Claus. *