I spoke to Fr. Timothy Bunch at St. Peter's today. He extended an invitation to attend Mass. I'll inform my boss at work of the schedule change. I can't wait. I won't be able to attend this coming Sunday unfortunately.

However, there's no guarantee that they'll have a Rite of Christian Initiation class this year. According to Fr. Tim, only a couple of people have expressed interest. God willing, they will. If not, I hope maybe they'll see that a class of one is better than a class of zero.


Mick said...

A class of one is indeed better than one of none, but sometimes it isn't seen that way. Hopefully, whoever is teaching the class feels it better to go on even without a larger size, in order to be able to reach those who seek... that is of the utmost importance, after all.

Anonymous said...

George, may Our Lord bless you and may the prayers of the Blessed Virgin draw you ever closer to Him.

Don't be afraid to inquire with another parish about RCIA if the one you've just attended can't meet your needs.